Lifelong Inman Park 

Lifelong Inman Park is a committee of the Inman Park Neighborhood Association dedicated to creating Inman Park as a Lifelong Community that accommodates all ages and incorporates the needs of older residents into all aspects of community planning, development and living. The goals and aspiration of the committee are outlined in the Lifelong Inman Park Plan (see below) and are supported by the following community projects addressing the needs and interests of those aging in place and residents of all ages.

Lifelong Inman Park Information Services

The Lifelong Information and Referral Services Program provides information and support to assist older adults, their families, and others to live healthier and better informed lives including:

  • Complimentary personalized consultation with a geriatric specialist. Call Moira Keller, LCSW at 404-290-1630 or email [email protected].

  • Caregiver Support Group with focus on the challenges of caring for someone with cognitive decline. The group meets every third Thursday of the month from 4:00 to 5:30pm at the Inman Park Methodist United Church. For information call Moira Keller, LCSW at 404-290-1630 or email [email protected].

  • A planning guide to exploring care options and helpful resources for older adults and caregivers. The intent of this this guide is to provide basic information and understanding of the wide range of available aging programs and services and to serve as a beginning point in the search of the best options of care and support. Click here to open INMAN PARK: PLANNING AHEAD FOR OLDER RESIDENTS.

    Additional helpful resource information at maintained by the Atlanta Regional Commission, Aging and Health Planning or call 404-463-3333

  • Ongoing information sessions on topics of interests for older adults, families and caregivers. See website announcements and IPNA and community email notifications. Contact Nancy Morrison for more information at 404-272-8881 or email [email protected].

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Support 

Neighbor-to-Neighbor is a volunteer program organized by the Lifelong Inman Park Committee to facilitate connections between neighbors with a need and those who are able to assist them. Volunteers can help neighbors with getting to medical appointments, provide meals for those recovering from illness, and even help with managing daily tasks that can be difficult.

Contact Jackie Lawrence at 404-272-0024 or email [email protected]

Oral History Project

The Lifelong Inman Park History Project seeks to preserve the heritage of Inman Park and its amazing stories of transformation. In collaboration with the Atlanta History Center, oral histories, written documentation and stories are being collected from Inman Park pioneers who organized efforts that led to the restoration of the neighborhood. The purpose is to give past, present and future Inman Park residents an opportunity to learn about the history, the tireless work and advocacy of the pioneers and current neighbors.

For more information contact [email protected].

Preferred Senior Housing Model

Recognizing the need for senior housing options in Inman Park and the unique characters of this community, Lifelong Inman Park proposes a model for senior housing that would be specific to Inman Park. See the Inman Park Senior Housing Model.

Lifelong Inman Park Plan

The Lifelong Inman Park plan was supported by the City of Atlanta and the Inman Park Neighborhood Association and conducted by Lifelong Inman Park. The plan, which lays out several recommendations to aid residents so that they can stay in the neighborhood as they age, was voted on by the IPNA in July 2017. The four areas of focus are:

  • Lifelong Housing Options
  • Lifelong Mobility and Accessibility
  • Lifelong Access to Services and Information
  • Lifelong Social Interaction

 For more information contact Cathie Berger at 678-429-5221 or email [email protected].