Inman Park Neighborhood Association (IPNA) and Inman Park Security Patrol (IPSP) Membership

IPNA membership starts at $5.00 per year and requires that you either live, own property, or operate a business within the boundaries of Inman Park. IPNA members have the option of enrolling in our additional security patrol program (IPSP). Depending on the level selected, your IPSP Membership entitles your household to various benefits. 

Membership Application

Membership Benefits

IPNA Only Memberships - $5/year
          Voting rights at neighborhood meetings
           Invitations to exclusive events - Butterfly Ball and Holiday Party
           Neighborhood directory access and optional listing in the IPNA directory
           Subscription to The Advocator and IPNA email list

IPSP Memberships - Includes 1 IPNA Membership:

  • Level 1 - $50/year ($5.00/month)
    You are supporting IPSP!
  • Level 2 - $100/year ($9.50/month)
    Security assessment of your residence by an IPSP officer 
  • Level 3 - $200/year  ($17.50/month)
    Security assessment for your residence by an IPSP officer 
    Yard sign with security decal 
  • Level 4 - $300/year  ($26.00/month)
    Security assessment for your residence by an IPSP officer 
    Yard sign with security decal 
    Vacation Patrol Service 

**Important Note: IPNA membership is individual, and in order to be consider an active voting member each household member needs to be enrolled in a separate account. Enrollment in IPSP is based on address, and will benefit the entire household but only includes 1 IPNA membership. Each household only needs 1 IPSP membership, but may need multiple IPNA memberships.** 

Do you live in an HOA?

If you live in a condo or apartment, your homeowners' association or property management company may already participate in the IPSP. This does not give you automatic membership in the IPNA. You still need to register for a $5.00 online membership. You may  choose to support the security patrol by establishing an individual IPSP membership or making an additional contribution.

Are you a Business, HOA, or Property Manager? 

This application is for individuals only, if you are a Business, HOA, or Property Management Company please contact [email protected] for your membership options.

Need Support?

Check out our FAQ's. If your question is still not covered, feel free to reach out to [email protected].

Application Instructions

Please follow these instructions when applying for or renewing your IPNA/IPSP membership. 

1.   Open the application and log into Memberclicks:

The membership application can be found here: 

Membership Application

The above link will direct you to a page where current or renewing members can sign-in, and new members can provide an email address to create an account. 

  • Existing members: Enter your username (likely your email) and password in the first section of the form. This form will only be active during your renewal period. If you would like to change your membership level outside of this window please email [email protected].
    If you have an account and forgot your password, select the "Forgot Password" link.
  • New users: enter your email address in the New Users section below the existing users form. If no account is found of your email address, a pop-up will appear for you to create a password. Select a unique password to generate an account. 

2.   Choose your membership:

After successfully logging in or creating an account, you will need to decide your membership type:

  • IPNA Membership Only for $5/yr without IPSP support.
  • IPNA & IPSP Monthly Membership - Renews monthly at selected level
  • IPNA & IPSP Annual Membership - Renews yearly at selected level.

If you elect to support IPSP you will then need to choose one of 4 levels. More information on the benefits of IPSP can be found here.

3.   Fill in the personal information in the form:

After selecting your membership level, the remainder of the form will load. Please fill out the requested information. 

**Important note: Checking auto-renew will turn on auto-renew for your account. Your provided credit card will be charged on an annual or monthly basis depending on membership type. Memberclicks does not currently support users turning off auto-renew and does not display your auto-renew status in your profile. If you need help removing auto renew from your account, the only supported method is for you to email [email protected]. **

When finished select "next" at the bottom of the page. 

4.   Review your information.

If everything look correct, click "next" at the bottom of the page. Click "Previous" to edit any of your information or select a different membership level.

5.   Enter your payment information and Submit your Application.

Enter your credit card information and click "Submit Payment" to complete your application.  

When you return to the IPNA website you may select Member Login and can update your profile information by selecting the "My Profile" after logging in.

Membership Application

Membership FAQ's

Q:   Am I required to join the IPNA or support the IPSP?

A:   You do not have be a member to participate in discussions and join meetings, however in order to vote at meetings membership is required. Participation in IPSP is also voluntary, but comes with many great benefits. Learn more about IPSP here.

Q:   Previously I had an account and listed my Spouse/Partner and we both had memberships but now we both have to setup our own accounts. Why is that?

A:   We are continually evaluating our membership platform and technological solutions. As part of this we are always considering the pros and cons of individual vs household membership. Our current platform does not allow for household memberships, as such we require each individual in a household to have their own membership. 

Q:   I live in a Condominium/Apartment or belong to a HOA and I think they pay for security patrol for me. Am I an IPNA member already and can I also support the Security Patrol by signing up for IPSP for myself?

A:   You are not an IPNA member just by belonging to a HOA or by virtue of living in Inman Park. Each adult must setup an account online to receive voting rights and other benefits . As for Security Patrol, while some of our local Home Owners Associations or Property Management groups do contribute to IPSP, some do not. Please check with your HOA to find out if they participate in IPSP. It is always an option for you to join the IPSP as an individual (regardless of your HOA's status) if you would like to support the safety of the neighborhood or would like access to the benefits as an individual.