Holiday Light Ball Workshop

Ideas for a Dekalb Avenue Solution

The City of Atlanta is planning to undertake a major reconstruction and engineering project for Dekalb Ave.  Right now, the City is at the most preliminary planning stage and is seeking public input as to what shape the project should take.  The first step in that process occurred Thursday evening at a community meeting convened by Renew Atlanta (the City Office that is leading the planning effort)...more

Free Shade Trees for Inman Park

Yep, that’s right. Tree Watch will soon be planting more trees in Inman Park. The date is Saturday, January 21, 2017. Here’s your chance to get trees for your yard and/or planting strip. No doubt some of you are wondering why we need more trees. You see young trees along our streets, and you may remember me telling you that Inman Park is approaching 1,000 new trees since 2000.  Read on...

 The “Elegant” Beltline Solution

During the presentations on September 21, 2016 at the Trolley Barn, the only thing which became clear was that the issues under discussion reside on three different levels.  Those levels need to be separated and understood in order to make informed decisions and votes. An open letter from Klaus Roesch, Architect and City Planner.

Affordable Housing, The BeltLine, and Inman Park

In 1999, a planning group Inman Park met to create a long- term vision for our residents. A survey was sent out and answered by well over half the neighborhood (quite a feat in those days). We wanted to live here as long as we could, protect our historic buildings, require reasonable, quality designed mixed- use development, and ensure that Inman Park remained affordable. Those goals were codified in the Inman Park local historic district regulations. (read the full article)