Letter from Kevin Curry, VP Public Safety

A request by Kevin Curry, VP of Public Safety to spend IPNA funds for new patrol car.

A few weeks ago, our old but trusty Inman Park patrol car, the 2007 Ford Crown Vic gave up the ghost and blew a head gasket. It was not worth another repair bill to bring it back to life, so we must replace the car as soon as possible. The patrol is now being performed in the APD officer's private vehicles.

I have asked another neighborhood association patrol, namely Midtown Blue, and several APD officer's for advice on the types and models of recommended patrol vehicles. Two vehicles seem to come up regularly and they are the Ford Explorer (an SUV) and the Toyota Tacoma (an extended cab pickup). Everyone I spoke to seems to think the idea of a taller vehicle offers three distinct advantages; riding higher in the seat so that the patrol officer has better visibility, easier access in and out of the vehicle and lastly more visibility as the officers drive through the neighborhood. Also, they seem to be longer lasting vehicles given the constant on-the-road demand they are subjected to.

Of the two, I recommend the Toyota Tacoma as our next patrol vehicle. It is significantly less expensive than the Explorer. Seemingly, it has a very highly-regarded record for reliability and for holding its value. I heard this both from those who use them as patrol vehicles and from two separate mechanics, which is always a good sign.

I am highly recommending a NEW vehicle for a number of reasons. Fortunately, we are in the cycle of vehicle sales when very aggressive incentives are being offered by both the manufacturer and the dealership, which brings the cost down to favorably compare with a used vehicle. Also, by buying a new vehicle we can choose more precisely the exact make, model, color and other features and not have to pay for existing features we don't need. Additionally, we will have the full warranty of a new car that has not possibly been "abused" in its former life.

I would buy the vehicle through the Costco Auto program, which also helps with the
pricing. The quoted price of the car alone is $22,698 plus taxes, doc and tag fees. This cost is $5,800 off the normal retail price.

In addition to the cost of the vehicle itself, we will need to purchase and install the top lights and the insignia design and lettering for the sides and rear of the vehicle. My best estimate at this time for the vehicle, associated taxes and fees and all accessory items, plus a small contingency, is $30,000.

Thanks for your consideration of this request and recommendation.

Kevin Curry
VP of Public Safety, IPNA

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DAVID WATTS - Saturday, September 07, 2019

Strongly agree with this item. The Tacoma is an excellent choice for the purpose; and if purchased new, will provide many years of service with minimal ongoing maintenance costs. Wish I could make the meeting to vote "YES" and to thank Kevin Curry for his work on this issue.

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