N. Highland Improvement Plans

Please feel free to comment below on the plan. Janice Darling, head of the IPNA Transportation Committee, is meeting with the city to offer our input and finalize plans. 

See the plan here. 


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Comments on "N. Highland Improvement Plans"

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Andrew Stein - Friday, October 26, 2018

Suggestions: 1) Eliminate most or all on-street parking. We have plenty of parking decks in the area. Streets are public spaces, and it's silly to let people store their 4,000 pound personal machine on the street. If you take those spaces away (like many cities are doing) we could instead have wider sidewalks and fully protected bike/scooter lanes. The simple math is unavoidable: The space for 1 car benefits 1 person at a time, while wider sidewalks and safer bike lanes can benefit dozens of people at the same time. With wider sidewalks, we can have more public furniture (like on Broad Street downtown) -- tables and chairs and benches -- and that creates community. Community creates safety and better quality of life. And all those things are 10x more important than convenient parking. 2) Install stairs that go down to the Beltlike (similar to the stairs down to the Beltline on the Edgewood street bridge).

Sandi Parker - Thursday, October 25, 2018

Thanks for sharing! Two observations for consideration: 1. I would strongly recommend rideshare spaces be allocated directly in front of Barcelona and bar taco. Patrons of both of those businesses, especially after a few drinks, are unlikely to walk up the street in front of char to get in a vehicle. I know one of the goals is to alleviate the chokepoints ithat happen along North Highland and the confusion of too many pedestrians and cars not obeying current traffic rules, we need pull-off points going both directions on this road or we will continue to have the same issues that cause high-risk of accidents. 2. It appears in the plans that the bike lane only goes from Inman Village Parkway to Elizabeth. What about bicyclists coming up or down the hill after crossing the bridge? Since that area is also being addressed in this plan can we not add bike lanes for continuity? It’s not as of cyclists are only going to be riding down in Inman Village Parkway and turning onto North Highland. North Highland is a pretty consistent cyclist route and why we had the opportunity we should extend the bike lanes as far is the scoop entails. Thanks!

Heather A McNally - Thursday, October 25, 2018

I can't tell exactly the type of pedestrian walkway being considered. In my experience the ones on 10th provide a safer crossing than the one on Irwin/Lake. I rarely see any walkers, bikers, or bird riders stop and press the walk button on Irwin/Lake when trying to cross to the other side of the beltline. It is very difficult to see someone crossing at night.

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