August IPNA Meeting Summary

Here is a summary of last night's IPNA meeting at the Trolley Barn: 

Police Report: Police remind residents to call 9-1-1 first if there is an issue to report. Police say they notice a reduction in crime in the neighborhood. They say that robbery clean-up rates are in the 30% which is above the national average. 

Vagrancy and drug use in Little Five Points was discussed. Police say they continue to work on the issue.

Little Five Points Arts Alive

Lisa Adler and Rachel Parish came to discuss Little Five Points Arts Alive program. Funding from the grant they were using for the weekend arts programming is ending. They'll be looking for donations from businesses, residents and the IPNA to continue bringing their programming to Little Five. Adler said it helps “the reputation and welcoming nature of Little Five Points”.


Millie Aston announced a program that will allow 33 homeowners to install new sidewalks in front of their homes. This program addresses many sidewalks down some of the worst stretches of sidewalks in the neighborhood. Neighbors were given a 70% neighborhood subsidy to help pay for the cost of repair. IPNA sidewalk subsidies are generally between 50-60 percent.

Springvale Park

 Amy Higgins announced that the City of Atlanta is hard at work addressing the issues related to the park caused by a broken water main that has clogged the lake with silt. The city is also addressing a storm drain that has caused issues for years on Waverly Way, which is why the road is closed. Higgins said the city will drain and dredge the lake to remove the silt as part of the process. This opens up a window to implement some Springvale Master plan elements which would include a stone wall around the lake to replace the current wood and to integrate the western edge of the park that tends to be spongy into the lake by planting wetland plants. The scope of the work is large and will be expensive. IPNA Board President, Neil Kinkopf, said in anticipation of the cost he has asked IPNA committees to edge back on their budgets, where possible, to allow for the project. Several neighbors voiced their support for prioritizing budget money for Springvale Park's projects. The ducks and fish will be taken care of while the lake is being drained. 

Freedom Park Conservancy

Steve Cushing said their master plan is coming along. Perkins and Will has donated their services. The Conservancy also received funding to hire a full-time director. Fundraising will start at the beginning of the year. 

221 Haralson Construction

The home owner, who plans to sell the property once completed, was seeking to raise the roof and erect dormers to increase the house from 1600 square feet to 2400 square feet. Immediate neighbors voted to support the project. The project was voted on at the meeting and passed. 

Folk Art liquor license request

Folk Art is now owned by a single owner, nothing else is changing, and requested to have the liquor license transferred. Vote was held and passed with 37 yes votes. No one opposed. 

320 N. Highland (Villa de Grip)

Developers were originally scheduled to address the IPNA meeting but instead asked for a deferral. The developers are going to have a traffic study conducted before coming back before the neighborhood. Neighbors discussed the deferral and requested that once the traffic study is completed that the IPNA have time to discuss before moving forward. Three motions were brought before the IPNA and unanimously passed: 

1) To request from development team and/or the City of Atlanta a deferment of at least 90 days. 

2) IPNA Board was approved to hire zoning consultants, traffic consultants and legal counsel regarding the project, if needed. 

3) A committee will be formed to work on a compromise project. If anyone would like to join the committee please email [email protected]

Inman Park Treewatch said they saw the development's tree replacement plan and gave it the grade of "d". 

Inman Park Political Forums Scheduled

 The INPA will sponsor two candidate forums. One for the District 2 candidates on October 12th and one for Mayoral candidates on October 4th. Please plan on attending. 

Budget Requests

Please have all budget requests turned in by this Friday. 

Meeting was adjourned. 



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