Little 5 Points Mini-Precinct

Little 5 Points Mini-Precinct

The Atlanta Police Mini-Precinct in Little 5 Points is now in it's 19th year, and continues to be a cornerstone in our community’s approach to reduce crime.

The Mini-Precinct Satellite Police Station project, is a public/private partnership between the City of Atlanta and community.

The officers, equipment, supplies, computers, electronic and video communication gear, etc., are funded by the Police Department. The community provided the funds to renovate the space and continues to pay for rent, repairs, utilities and other operating costs. That funding has come from L5P Business Association and its members; Neighborhood Organizations; and contributions from individual households in the area. Thus, this yearly appeal for individual donations.

Since it opened, the increased presence and visibility of Atlanta Police Officers that the Mini-Precinct brings to our community, has made a significant difference in the conduct of those hanging out in L5P and the surrounding community.

There are currently several other initiatives in Little 5 Points, piggybacking on the success of the Mini-Precinct to improve the safety and appearance of the area, All of these efforts work symbiotically with the Mini-Precinct, to continue to improve the atmosphere in L5P

It is gratifying to see so many individual contributions every year to support the Mini-Precinct! But over the years for a variety of reasons (people move, financial situations change, complacency due to lower crime rates, etc.), the number of individual households contributing has dwindled some, we need to reverse this trend.

It’s really a no-brainer: having more cops around makes criminals and problematic elements tend to stay away and/or watch their behavior. This protects people, possessions, and property values. Your financial support is particularly important to keep this valuable and truly vital facility open.

Please send your personal contribution now (matching or increasing your last year’s contribution, or sending $50 or more, is suggested). It’s the right thing to do for your community, your neighbors and yourself.

Send your check (include your name, address and phone number) to: L5PBA Mini-Precinct Fund, PO Box 5733, Atlanta, GA 31107.

- Richard B. Shapiro, D.D.S. 

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