Inman Park Traffic Update July 2016

Inman Park Traffic Update

You may have noticed some work being done recently at the corner of Lake/Austin and Elizabeth. If you are like me, you were probably reminiscing about the rogue crosswalk, observing the new ADA curb cut, and wondering what the heck is going on. We have good news on this and other traffic improvements.

  1. The city has agreed to install a scramble light at the corner of Lake/Austin and Elizabeth. This means all lights will turn red when a pedestrian presses a button and we can cross in any direction we choose—yes, even diagonally. They have started this work and we are all eager to see this come to completion.
  2. We should be seeing pedestrian crossings at both entrances to Inman Quarter and Inman Park Village Parkway at North Highland. These crossings will include beacons.
  3. We have been working on getting a completed study for the intersection at Irwin Street and Krog Street. Good news is that the latest study supports installing an all way stop. This will greatly improve pedestrian safety.


We don’t have any confirmation on when these projects will be funded or started. We will continue to keep everyone in the loop as things get moving.

We are also working hard to collaborate with the Beltline folks, the city, and neighborhood representatives to look at a more comprehensive approach to the Krog and Irwin Street development. Our initial KLENH study looked at raising the street level to sidewalk level from Waddell to Sampson street. Our intention is to make this an attractive, safe, and friendly street for all traffic. This is more of a long term project—but one we are excited about seeing come to fruition someday.

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