Old (Trash) Generals

Those of you who know me realize I seek amusement at every turn. Whether it be during IPNA meetings or slinging Festival trash while wearing a khaki cap bearing three butterflies, in my self-proclaimed role as Supreme Commander of Trash & Recycling.

I stole the latter title from no less than Dwight Eisenhower, who was Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe, and Douglas MacArthur (Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers). World War II? You’ve heard of it?

Upon his retirement, General MacArthur gave a memorable speech to Congress. I will unabashedly paraphrase his remarks by saying to you, the readers of this column, that “old (trash) generals don’t die, they just fade away”.

In actual fact, it is only my grip on one of the two somewhat visible neighborhood positions I currently hold, that is fading. As this issue of The Advocator goes to press, the Inman Park Neighborhood Association (IPNA) Nominating Committee is feverishly assembling a slate of officer nominees to be announced at the April IPNA meeting. Replacements are being sought for this old (trash) general as well as for Vice Presidents of Planning, and of Zoning, and for IPNA Treasurer.

Additional nominations, if any, will also be accepted from the floor in April, and the nominees get voted on at IPNA’s May meeting.

While I will be ready to turn over the presidential reins to our next cohort of officers in June, I’m still finding very much amusement and satisfaction at the thought of slinging trash, and collecting recyclables, during the 2016 INMAN PARK FESTIVAL & TOUR OF HOMES!

The bulk of this issue of The Advocator includes our annual “Festival Focus” section. It is chock full of exciting information about this year’s rendition of Atlanta’s largest and most interesting neighborhood festival.

As always, the festivities begin with Caterpillar Ball (Thursday, April 28th) and Butterfly Ball (Friday, April 29th). Also on the 29th is the absolute best opportunity to view the dozen or so homes and properties on the HOME TOUR. If you must, you can actually drive around and park your car (which will not be possible beginning the next day).

The scores of food and beer vendors and hundreds of Arts and Crafts artists and Street Market merchants begin plying their wares on Saturday, April 30th, and the best music in town plays all the while on multiple stages. The always-zany Festival Parade kicks off at 2 p.m. from Delta Park that day. A mellow but vibrant Sunday, May 1st will mark the all-too-sudden end of Festival 2016. You can prolong the joy (free beer is provided) by helping us CLEAN UP on Sunday evening. Hot pizza and cold beer will be enjoyed at the Trolley Barn when the last scrap of litter is picked up. We’re hoping for a New World’s Record early clean-up effort this year, maybe getting us to the pizza party at, say, 8 pm-ish?

If you’re new to the neighborhood, volunteering for a 2-hour shift at Festival is THE way to learn what Inman Park is all about! I always assert that neighbors’ energy and enthusiasm that once killed the Stone Mountain Expressway has now morphed into joining the one thousand volunteers (and dozens of Festival Committee members) who somehow manage to make each edition of our Festival better than the one before!

This also results in significant financial success. The profits from each Festival still remain IPNA’s single-largest source of revenue, and are used to subsidize Security Patrol, make grants to local schools, keep the neighborhood and its parks beautiful, and help repair sidewalks, a key part of the “Walkable Inman Park” campaign you will continue to hear a lot about.

Visit http://vols.pt/zbJaBt right away to grab up a volunteer job, even if it’s last minute. We always appreciate the help, and again, know that this event represents the very soul of Inman Park.

See you at Festival!

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