LifeLong Inman Park Neighbor to Neighbor Update

LifeLong Inman Park Neighbor to Neighbor Update
The LifeLong Inman Park Committee feels that community is more important than ever in these unpredictable and confusing times.  Therefore,  Neighbor to Neighbor volunteers would like to offer community assistance within the recommended boundaries of social distancing.  We are happy to pick up groceries and prescriptions or prepare and deliver meals to your porch to ease  troubled times.  Most of all, we would like neighbors to know that we care and stand ready to assist.  One way of doing that would be to establish telephone contact especially with our more vulnerable or isolated neighbors.  Volunteers will work from the recent directory to check in, just to say hi and how are you. Also, we would appreciate input from those of you aware of neighbors who might be struggling for various reasons.
We may not catch 100% of our neighbors at their telephones but just knowing that we are making the effort will spread the word that help can be available if it's needed.  Don't hesitate to call on us!
Contact Linda Gross at 404-545-5222 or Jackie Lawrence at 404-272-0024 or enter your request on the Inman Park website under the Lifelong Inman Park tab.  If you wish to volunteer your assistance please sign up via under the Lifelong Inman Park tab, see Neighbor to Neighbor.
We look forward to hearing from you!
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