The GutterSlopes

Inman Park’s Gang Of Three (a.k.a.) The GutterSlopes


One facet of IP’s Lifelong Committee’s Sidewalk Subcommittee undertaking includes surveying all our neighborhood’s sidewalk ramps – or lack thereof. This is being done in conjunction with a Georgia Tech Sidewalk study and utilizes GT’s expertise and equipment. It’s a significant undertaking that may take several months to complete, as there are many ramps or potential ramp sites to be surveyed.

Your neighbors Melissa Miller, Sandy Hoke and Marge Hays, sporting safety vests and toting measuring devices, have begun congregating at various corners for this purpose. Based on one of the measurements to be taken, we have dubbed ourselves The GutterSlopes. We measure up and we’re on the level!

What can you do? Actively Participate!

  • Engage your neighbors
  • Volunteer for campaign committee
  • Report trouble spots
  • Read the Advocator for updates

For details and to volunteer contact Cathie Berger (404-584-6309)

Check out our Flyer


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Sameer Vyas - Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Thanks for your efforts on this important effort! Per the advocator, I think you are looking for general sidewalk issues too? I think having IPNA pitch in to fix that atrocious sidewalk condition right by The Albert on Austin would be helpful to large portion of IP residents. It's very difficult for strollers. The sidewalk in front of 330 Sinclair needs work too...

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