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Electric Box Art

Midtown High School art students Oliver Sammons and Aubrey Senter have submitted three designs for painting an electrical box in the middle of Springvale Park.

During January's neighborhood meeting, we will collect feedback on these designs and vote on the final option. Larger views of each option follow:

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Plant Trees and Shrubs in Springvale Park

Celebrate MLK Weekend by joining your neighbors to plant trees and shrubs in Springvale Park on Saturday, January 18, 9:00 a.m. to noon. Meet at the corner of Edgewood and Waverly. All ages are welcome! No experience is necessary! Trees Atlanta and Inman Park Tree Watch will provide both tools and instruction. You should wear closed-toed shoes or boots and clothes that can get dirty. If you have your own work gloves, bring them. Also bring water in a reusable container. If you prefer not to plant, you can fill buckets with mulch. If you don't care for pitchforks, you could volunteer to bring snacks. If baking's not your thing, you can simply ooh and aah as our fabulous neighborhood continues its incredible efforts to return its beloved park to its full glory. Trees Atlanta would be delighted to have you sign up in advance: simply go to Contact Jim Abbot ([email protected], 404-281-0638) with questions. 
Inman Park Tree Watch is also organizing a Leap Day Tree Planting for Saturday, February 29. We will mostly be replacing young trees that have died, but any neighbor interested in leaping into a greener future, by planting a shade tree in your yard or smaller tree along the street, should feel free to contact Jim. Additional details to come. 



IPNA is stepping up so that you can step out with confidence. You probably have noticed the new sidewalks improving streetscapes throughout Inman Park due to the dedication of our Sidewalk Committee. Thanks to increased IPNA budget allocations and Festival Beer tips, approximately 60K will be spent replace crumbling neighborhood sidewalks during 2017.

The Inman Park Sidewalk Committee was formed in late 2001 to salvage our deteriorating sidewalks by offering subsidies to Inman Park neighbors since the City of Atlanta requires homeowners to maintain their own sidewalks. To date, this committee has managed replacement of over 150 individual sidewalks and five community sidewalks throughout the neighborhood. This year the Sidewalk committee, with support from the Lifelong Inman Park committee, has carefully crafted a three-year implementation plan that addresses:

  1. Need indicated by sidewalk surveys conducted during 2013 and 2016
  2. Development of subsidy program participation criteria 
  3. Preservation of trees based upon Tree Watch and arborist report obtained early 2017
  4. Maximization of available funding from IPNA budget and Festival Beer tips
  5. Collaboration with city officials to maintain park area sidewalks and improve the sidewalk permitting processes
  6. Expansion of subsidy to include not only individual homeowners but also target streets posing greatest risk
  7. Development of subsidy program participation criteria

The first year of the plan (2017) subsidizes two groups of homeowners:
A).   Individual homeowner applicants to the IPNA Subsidy Program. The standard subsidy is 50%, but two (2) contiguous neighbors receive a 55% subsidy, and three (3) or more contiguous neighbors receive a 60% subsidy. The application process for the IPNA Subsidy Program is explained below. Eight (8) applicants are moving forward with replacement during 2017.

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Neighborhood Stroll


Last month over 50 neighbors turned out for the inaugural Walkable Inman Park Neighbors' Stroll. Young and old, moms and dads, kids and dogs enjoyed a brisk 40-minute walk. This newest Inman Park event is a terrific way to catch up with friends and meet new folks all while pumping your legs and promoting good health.

Join us for this month's Stroll Saturday July 23rd, 8:00 a.m., starting in Poplar Circle. Stroll leaders Ro and Cristy will set a vigorous pace as we explore a new set of neighborhood streets. Meet neighbors and perhaps make discoveries along the way. Enjoy coffee, carbs, and conversation after the Stroll.

Don't forget to wear your Walkable Inman Park T-shirt. If you haven't yet purchased a shirt, a limited number will be available at the Stroll for $20. All monies help fund the Inman Park Sidewalk Subsidy program dedicated to improving neighborhood walkability.

Walkable Inman Park Neighbors’ Stroll

Walkable Inman Park Neighbors’ Stroll

Join us on Saturday June 18th at 8:00 a.m. in Poplar Circle for a stroll through Inman Park. Come celebrate healthy living and promote safe sidewalks as we walk through our neighborhood. Help call attention to the importance of maintaining and replacing Inman Park’s sidewalks.

Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of age and we will Coffee and Carbs. Bring those adorable children in strollers. Show off your cute canines. Chat with your friends. Meet neighbors.

Most importantly... walk, enjoy our neighborhood and Support our sidewalks with the purchase of a Walkable Inman Park t-shirt ($20) available at the Stroll or place an order by emailing [email protected]

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Sidewalk Subsidy Program

Believe it or not, the Inman Park Sidewalk Committee formed in late 2001 to salvage our deteriorating sidewalks. Through our council woman, Debi Starnes, we secured an initial grant of $57,000 to jumpstart our program. We started with a long swath of sidewalk on Lake Avenue and from there began offering subsidies to Inman Park neighbors. Once the grant ran out, IPNA established a budget to subsidize the sidewalk program. To date, we have re-laid over 150 individual sidewalks and five community sidewalks on almost every street in the neighborhood.Walkable

We are particularly proud of the streets like Alta, Austin, Euclid, Hale and Waverly where so many neighbors have participated in the program that we have entire blocks that are new and more walkable. That has been by design: the subsidy rewards contiguous neighbors who get their sidewalks repaired by granting higher subsidies. The standard subsidy is 50%, but 2 contiguous neighbors receive a 55% subsidy, and 3 or more contiguous neighbors receive a 60% subsidy.

Here’s how the program works:

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The GutterSlopes

Inman Park’s Gang Of Three (a.k.a.) The GutterSlopes


One facet of IP’s Lifelong Committee’s Sidewalk Subcommittee undertaking includes surveying all our neighborhood’s sidewalk ramps – or lack thereof. This is being done in conjunction with a Georgia Tech Sidewalk study and utilizes GT’s expertise and equipment. It’s a significant undertaking that may take several months to complete, as there are many ramps or potential ramp sites to be surveyed.

Your neighbors Melissa Miller, Sandy Hoke and Marge Hays, sporting safety vests and toting measuring devices, have begun congregating at various corners for this purpose. Based on one of the measurements to be taken, we have dubbed ourselves The GutterSlopes. We measure up and we’re on the level!

What can you do? Actively Participate!

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