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IPNA April 2019 Meeting Agenda

The IPNA Meeting will be held Thursday, April 18, 2019, 7:30 pm at the Trolley Barn. Please note, our meeting is not being held on Wednesday this month. We voted to move the meeting too Thursday to accommodate a Trolley Barn booking. 

Meeting Agenda Items:

  • MARTA: Colleen Kieran, Senior Director for Government & Community Affairs - Inman Park / Reynoldstown Station                                Improvement
  • The Daily Pilates: Lily Collins, Owner
  • Meeting with GaTech Student Planning Association
  • Hulsey Yards Visioning Committee Update
  • Krog St. Market Update
  • Formation of IPNA Planning Committee
  • Alcohol license applications: Cold Beer & Shake ShackNew
  • Project with Atlanta History Center
  • Formation of Communication Committee
  • Eileen Rhea Brown-Film Committee Update
  • Cooper Pierce-Festival Update
  • Al Caproni and Chris Curley: L5P Update-ARC Livable Centers Initiative Supplemental Grant Proposal

Welcome and Introduction of Newcomers  

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IPNA March 2019 Meeting Agenda


The Inman Park Neighborhood Association Meeting is Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 7:30 pm at the Trolley Barn. The meeting agenda is listed below. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Coming to a meeting is the best way to find out what's going on in your community. 

Agenda Summary: 

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Renew Atlanta/TSPLOST Survey/Update


February 26- March 7, 2019, the City of Atlanta hosted public engagement meetings in support of its Renew Atlanta Bond/TSPLOST program prioritization and rebaselining efforts.

The meetings were held at four locations – one in each quadrant of the City. The purpose of these meetings was to inform the public about the program’s status, funding shortfalls, and to receive feedback for consideration in prioritizing the project list. The format for the public engagement meetings consisted of two parts: 1) a general overview was presented by the City’s Deputy COO, Joshua Williams, and Renew Atlanta/TSPLOST Interim General Manager, Michele Wynn; 2) small-group breakout sessions were held to provide constituents with a more detailed overview of the three proposed prioritization scenarios and delved deeper into the project list. Constituents also had the opportunity to ask questions, provide suggestions to the staff recommended list, and leave comments for response and/or consideration. Throughout the public engagement meetings, Council President Moore and Council Members Westmoreland, Dickens, Bond, Farokhi, Ide, Smith, Shook, Matzigkeit, Hillis, Boone, Overstreet, and Sheperd attended one or more meetings.

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Festival Golf Cart Access

There are new rules for personal golf carts during Inman Park Festival this year. Personal Golf carts will not be allowed in the festival footprint during festival hours. They may park nearby. The only exception is Butterfly Ball. Personal golf carts will be allowed near the tent Friday night. 

Below is a map that details where personal golf carts will be allowed Saturday and Sunday.

Golf Cart Map.pdf

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March Porch Party

The March Porch Party is Friday, March 29, 2019 at 7:30 pm. Our hosts are Ann and Jeff Cramer at 1054 Austin Ave. All are welcome! Bring your drink-of-choice and an appetizer to share. We'll see you there!

IPNA February Meeting Agenda

The Inman Park Neighborhood Association Meeting will be held Wednesday, February 20, 2019, 7:30 pm at the Trolley Barn. The following items are on the agenda. All are welcome. 

  • MARTA: Colleen Kieran - Inman Park / Reynoldstown Station Improvements
  •  Asana Partners: Brian Purcell - Delivery truck parking, ride-share provider access, parking deck way-finding signage, and landscaping contractor protocol at Krog Street Market
  •  Trees Atlanta: Kelly Ridenhour - Green Streets and Clean Streams smart planter installation to help manage and analyze stormwater runoff
  •  Atlanta Habitat for Humanity ReStore: Shelley Megede - Opportunities for community involvement
  •  Atlanta History Center: Nasim Fluker - Opportunity for increased neighborhood involvement and broader exposure for IPNA’s current exhibit at the center
  •  Freedom Park Conservancy: Laura Henninghausen, Executive Director, and Harriett Lane, Board President - FPC U
  • Formation of new IPNA Planning CommitteeIPNA Business Meeting
  •   Liquor License Requests:  1) Revelator Coffee Company, LLC d/b/a Hazel Jane’s Wine and Coffee and 2) Skinny’s Hot Chicken

  • Update on 320 N. Highland Avenue
  • AUDC application: 1077 Alta Avenue
  • Volunteer Event Recap
  •  Implementation of MemberClicks Membership Fees
  •  Formation of new IPNA Finance Committee
  •  Cooper Pierce, IPNA Festival co-Chair: Festival Update

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Renew Atlanta/TSPLOST Update

This is the follow up letter from Renew Atlanta after last week's public meeting. Please fill out the survey. Under projects you support please select "Complete Streets" and add "Euclid Ave" and "N. Highland". 

On behalf of Renew Atlanta/TSPLOST Interim General Manager, Michele Wynn, thank you for attending our first round of Prioritization & Rebaselining Public Engagement Meetings. We know your time is valuable and we appreciate your interest and commitment in helping us during this prioritization effort. 

As we discussed in these meetings, the cost to deliver the full scope of the initial program considerably exceeds the funding available from the Renew Atlanta Bond and TSPLOST revenues. Thus, we are working diligently to transparently prioritize and re-baseline the initial program lists to deliver the greatest impact to Atlanta’s above-ground infrastructure and transportation network with the available funds. Through this re-baselining, we are dedicated to engaging you, the stakeholders, to help inform the process. 

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Porch Party

Porch Parties are back!  February's party will be at the home of Melissa Miller and Thom Abelew, 211 Hurt Street, on February 22, 7:30. Bring the beverage of your choice and a snack to share!

IPNA Volunteer Event

IP Projects at Risk/RenewAtlanta

Funding for RenewAtlanta projects are in jeopardy. The city has a "Prioritization & Rebaselining Initiative" on their website. There isn't enough money for all the projects to be completed. We'll have to fight for ours and we'll need your help. 

For several years our Transportation Committee, headed by Janice Darling, has been working with Renew Atlanta on two projects in the neighborhood. The N. Highland safety improvements from N. Highland to Alaska Ave. and the Euclid and Edgewood intersection.  Both projects have met neighborhood approval and the plans are complete. They only need funding. both plans include bike lanes and crosswalks. The N. Highland one also include loading zones, increased parking and ride share pickups. These safety improvements are part of the complete streets project with Renew Atlanta and are greatly needed. Anyone who has tried to cross N. Highland at Barcelona knows we need safety improvements along this very busy area.   

Two rounds of public engagement meetings will be held. One is this Wednesday, January 22, 1019 from 6:30-8:00 pm at Grady High School and the other one is Thursday, March 7, 2019 from 6:30-8:00 pm also at Grady. The more people we have at these meetings supporting our N. Highland Complete Streets Project the more likely we are to get funding. The city needs to know we want and need these improvement done. 

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IPNA January Meeting Agenda

The Inman Park Neighborhood Association Meeting will be held Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at the Trolley Barn 7:30 pm. All Inman Park neighbors are welcome. 

This month's agenda will cover: 

 Louis Grisoglio, MARTA Senior Outreach Planner - Update on Status of Inman Park-Reynoldstown Station closure

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Little 5 Alliance Committees

The newly formed Little 5 Alliance is now forming committees that will work on improving Little 5. Sign up now. 

IPNA Dec Meeting Agenda


IPNA December 2018 Agenda


Welcome & Introduction of Newcomers

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Moreland LCI Study/Update

The IPNA will vote on edits to the Moreland LCI Study at the IPNA meeting on Wednesday, December 19, 2018. Please take the time to read the study before Wednesday's vote. Here is a link to the edited study


Included for reference are the links to the Moreland 5-year plan and the Ponce/Moreland Study. These additional links are included for context in case you want to further know what's ahead for Moreland.

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MARTA Station-Bridge Closure



Update posted below: 12-4-18

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IPNA November 2018 Agenda

 Here is the rundown for the IPNA Meeting, November 28, 2018, 7:30 pm at the Trolley Barn. All IPNA residents are welcome. 

Agenda Summary:

  • MARTA bridge closure
  • Approval of letter to Asana partners, owner of Krog St. market, regarding problems created by deliveries and visitor parking
  • Transportation Plan Updates: North Highland Avenue; Edgewood/Euclid Intersection
  • Hulsey Yards Update
  • Inman Park Master Plan Update

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N. Highland Improvement Plans

Please feel free to comment below on the plan. Janice Darling, head of the IPNA Transportation Committee, is meeting with the city to offer our input and finalize plans. 

See the plan here. 



Gulch Town Hall Info

District 2 Friends and Neighbors, 

I will be hosting a special District 2 Town Hall meeting this Tuesday, October 30th at the Loudermilk Center (40 Courtland St. NE 30303) from 7-8:30PM. The sole item on the agenda will be the proposed "Gulch" development downtown. All constituents are welcome!  

I have received many emails and had countless conversations about this issue. As the proposed deal is complex and has changed several times over the last couple months, I thought it might be helpful for residents to have time to learn the current status, ask questions, and provide feedback.

I will do my best to present the objective facts related to the proposal, including the chief arguments from both sides. I'll be inviting representatives from CIM Group, the prospective developer, to answer questions as well. We'll then open things up to a thoughtful, informal Q&A. I hope to see you all there. See additional information below. 

The Gulch
A Quick Overview

The "Gulch" is a 40-acre area Downtown stretching from the Five Points Marta station to Mercedes-Benz stadium. Today, the Gulch lies vacant. It generates no tax revenue and impedes neighborhood or urban connectivity Downtown.

A developer, CIM Group, has been in negotiations with the City to build on the land, with government financial support.


As you know, a healthy debate has ensued over the last two months with the details of the deal evolving over time. There seems to be a general consensus that developing the Gulch would be good for Atlanta. Yet, there is concern whether the benefits warrant the size of public investment. The question is whether the deal, in its current form, is the best path forward. 

I look forward to a thoughtful discussion.

Getting to the Loudermilk Center

The Center is a block away from the Atlanta Streetcar's Hurt Park and Auburn at Piedmont stops. It is served by a number of MARTA bus routes, including routes 3 and 816. It is also walking distance from the Peachtree Center and Five Points MARTA rail stations. There is a parking deck at the venue, which will validate.

IPNA Oct 2018 Meeting Agenda

The Inman Park Neighborhood Association meeting will be held Wednesday, October 17, 2018, at the Trolley Barn at 7:30 pm. We also have a pre-meeting at 6:30 pm on the Little 5 Points Moreland LCI Study. We'll answer questions and further discuss the study group amendments to the original report. 

Agenda Summary

  • Announcement of new Nominating, Historic Preservation, and Zoning Committee Members
  • Vote to move November meeting from November 21 to November 28
  • Transportation Plan Updates: North Highland Avenue; Edgewood/Euclid Intersection
  • Hulsey Yards Update
  •  Inman Park Master Plan Update
  • 410 Sinclair - renovations and rear addition
  • 516 N. Highland Avenue - new house
  • 208, 212, 216, and 220 Haralson Lane - certificates of appropriateness
  • Moreland Avenue LCI Update
  • Vote on 2019 Budget
  • IPNA Bank Accounts
  • Discretionary fund vote for Little 5 Points Community Center
  •  IPNA Oct 2018 Agenda

Welcome & Introduction of Newcomers


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2019 IPNA Budget

Here is the proposed budget for 2019. We will vote on the budget on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, at 7:30 pm at the Trolley Barn. 

2019 Proposed Budget 


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