Just some of the benefits of an IPNA membership include:

  • a listing in the IPNA directory.
  • email notification with a link to our newsletter, the Advocator, when it's posted on the web site.
  • ability to vote on IPNA issues.
  • access to various events and groups.
  • e-news bulletins.
  • invitations to the IPNA Holiday Party and Butterfly Ball.

In addition to establishing your basic IPNA membership, you can also choose to make an online contribution to the Inman Park Security Patrol. Our patrol is composed of off-duty APD officers with arrest and citation privileges who help make our neighborhood a safer place to live.

However, as of right now, they patrol our streets only about a third of the time. But the more IPSP members we have, the more we can increase the patrol's presence. Currently only about 38% of Inman Park residents support IPSP to pay costs averaging about $11,000 per month.

If you live in an apartment or condominium, chances are your management company or homeowners' association makes a contribution already on your behalf. However, as an example, the large complexes in the neighborhood are typically asked to pay only about $20 per unit per year. Our security officers do patrol Inman Park's multi-family dwellings, and we all want to enjoy safer streets, so these are important reasons for apartment and condo dwellers to support IPSP.

If you live in a private home, there are also many advantages to joining IPSP. One example is vacation patrol. Recently when a local family was out of town, an IPSP officer on vacation patrol discovered that a dog walker had left a door unlocked, so the officer was able to secure the house and prevent a potentially bad outcome.

With more contributions, we can employ additional off-duty APD officers and increase their patrol hours. If we have as our goal to fund the patrol round-the-clock for the entire year, the annual cost would be only about $43 per household. That's less than 40 cents per household per day for full-time security patrol.